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Sweetie, I pray the LP is utterly uneventful. My advice: Drink LOTS of water before and after, lay flat on your back for as long as possible and DON'T BEND OVER for a week or so afterwards. The dreaded headache is much worse than the LP itself!

You should know that the primary MS meds (the injectibles) don't do anything at all for symptoms - they are "disease-modifying" and are only expected to modify the course of the disease (prevent or decrease frequency of relapse).

It is interesting to me that the drugs we are given for our SYMPTOMS are all drugs for OTHER diseases/conditions! Neurontin is an anti-seizure med - but it sure helps many of us with pain and numbness! I also take Provigil for fatigue, it is approved for narcolepsy (as I recall) and shift-work. There's Detrol LA because we can't seem to control our bladders (not an MS drug), antidepressants because we get despondent (none specific to MS), and on and on.

READ THIS BOARD. There is much information here about ways you may be able to find relief. Consider the holistic suggestions found here. MS is so very misunderstood by doctors - but the people who live with it can and DO share what works for them. Keep trying things, you never know what will work for YOU!