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I suffered a work injury in June 2006. I had pain the day of the injury, but didn't think much of it. After 5 weeks, when I still had burning sensation in my buttock and had fallen down my stairs, I went to the neurologist. At that time, I told him that I had some minor (embarrassing) bowel and bladder control issues. He ordered an MRI, put me on a strong NSAID and sent me home. :confused:

After that I had: PT, course of steroids, nerve block injection. Each time I spoke with the Dr. I told him about the bladder/bowel issues so he put me on Detrol LA. My personal Dr. asked why I hadn't be refurred for a second opinion after 9 months with increasing neuro symptoms. I told the neurologist about what my Dr. said, so he sent me to a urologist and he ordered a 2nd MRI.

When he looked at the 2nd MRI he said that I was significatly worse and had to be refurred to a surgeon. He put the original up on the viewer and you guessed it...it was the same. To his defense, I never really had pain.

The neurosurgeon saw me on 4/26 and wanted to do the surgery the next day but the OR was booked. On the 30th I had a 4 level fusion with laminectomy and hardware. When I came out of surgery, we discovered how much damage was done. I hammered my knee because I was not feeling pain and I had lost most of the strength in my left leg.

That gets us to today, I have been in PT for 4 weeks trying to increase the strength in my leg. Therapist said at least 4 more. I still cannot get up out of a regular chair or climb stairs using my weak leg. My leg is also hypersensative and I work on de-sensitising it every day. I will continue to wear my TLSO for another 6 weeks (+/-).

I am off pain meds, as the pain I have is from the arthritis in my knee and I cannot take any NSAIDS, so I just grin & bear it. Also, I can not take anything with morphine or codiene so I was limited anyway.:rolleyes:

I am not a patient person, and I want everything better yesterday. I would really like to hear from others on how long their recovery took, especially with leg weakness and hypersensativity.