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I am still in Limbo land.for the past year..Everything else had been ruled out i have 2 lesion unchanged in the last 6 mo as March this year....Next MRI is sched in July..2nd spinal is sched in Aug....I am on Muscle Relaxers,lexapro,Topamax ,for both severe heachaches and nerve pain and now the Detrol LA....The thing is I just saw my Neuro 2 weeks ago....I have these episodes where I get like this for about a day where my legs tighten up and dont want to work and then it goes away...well this doesnt feel like that i can feel myself just get weaker and weaker with every step and then my legs just say NO MORE!...the heat is bothering more so then before.

I can feel myself start to feel like I did when I went to the ER last Aug when I went paralysed in my left leg lost speech...(hense the journey).
I am gonna give my Neuro a call I know what he is going to say....GO to the ER......I hate that place...sit for 9 hrs. blah blah blah......I work for the hospital i can say what i want..lol!!!!!...sorry been a bad day.. I usually am pretty cheery... this journey just has the best of me today