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Hi taosdaphne,

I was suffering with this same problem. I take 4 mg of Detrol LA every morning at 8:00 am faithfully haven't missed one day. I have been on it for about 4 1/2 months. Noticed a big improvment. I only get up once maybe twice at night depending on my fluid intake before bed. Please get yourself a walker to prevent falling. It really helps with balance. Also the Detrol LA (LA stands for Long Acting) one pill gets me through 24 hours. The only side effect I have experienced is a dry mouth which is tolerable, I chew gum. I hate to hear anyone suffer and lose so much sleep which we all need with this terrible condition. Good Luck and Hope you find a solution.:angel:
Like MSJayHawk limiting the amount of fluids I drink after 8:00 PM helps considerably. I have had so many bladder issues and detrol worked for a long time. I finally quit taking it because the constant UTI's I was getting could have been exacerbated by taking Detrol. When I stopped so did my UTI's (could have been a coincidence) I did take it for at least 8 years. Just to feel secure I always use an incontinence pad (IE:Poise) I don't usually need to but is makes me feel better and ready for "just in case" Since it is just a pad it doesn't seem too bad. If I drink too much after 8:00 I have to get up at least 5 times a night.
Good luck to you - I hope you can find a way to manage this embarassing problem