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Cancer: Bladder board

I'm new to this particular board - would like to know if anyone with bladder
control problem has tried VESIcare. One of its side effects is blurred vision.
Before I try using it, I'd like to know if anyone has had any experience with this medication. Please let me know, I'd appreciate it. I've used Detrol but
understand VESIcare lasts longer throughout the day & night. "sturgeon"
Have you seen a neurologist to determine the real cause of poor bladder control?

There are several causes of this problem and you need to find out what is really the problem.

Detrol and others only work if you have a certain type problem. There are different treatments for the different causes.

Good luck, I know this is a real problem that we never want to have.
Thanks for replying, Misty. Yes I've been checked out by a gyno & a couple of
internists & have taken Detrol for years. Just saw gyno yesterday & she gave me samples & wrote a script for this newer med but I don't want to use it w/o
asking about it since I have to drive in the city & can't be blurry eyed. Appreciate your response. "sturgeon"