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I really don't know the answers but I have had similar things happen to me and don't know if it's just coincidence, but they always seem to happen when I have a large herniation. I get ALOT of urinary issues. At first I can hardly go at all...seems like a few drips come out. That will last a week or 2, then all of a sudden I have to go constantly, though not much still comes out. I actually wrote down the time for 3 days of everytime I went all day & all night. I was going between 20 to 30 per day and night. Then once I either got steroid injections or took oral steroids, it all went away! All of a sudden I was going full force maybe 3 times a day & never woke up at night. Then next herniation, it all started again. This spring when I had severe sciatica and numb foot, etc...this happened, but I also became severely constipated. I comtemplated going to the ER...I didnt go for abbout a week, no matter what I took or drank. And that was before I got any painkillers. And the pain was unbearable..every teeny little strain struggled for caused massive waves of pain along my sciatic nerve and in my rear. UGHHHH

I was checked by my Gyno for interstitial cystitis and had a CMG test. I had no IC and the CMG test didnt show anything. However, when I these tests done, I was not in the middle of a herniation. My gyno didnt think my bladder issues were caused by my spine problems b/c he said the bladder nerves are under the tail bone area. But did say I should ask my surgeon about it. He gave me scripts for Detrol LA to try....one thing it does seem to help is not having to wake up all night to go, I only got once for some days.

I just saw a new PM the other day and totally forgot to bring this up & ask him about it. I'm going to ask when I get my epidural, though...plus next time I see my surgeon i'll ask him.