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Cancer: Bladder board

What is going on with my bladder? I've had sporadic bladder issues for the last couple of months. They usually went away after a day or two. For the last month it is constant. A massive urge to urinate. A lot of pressure, some pain and on occasion some buring. My urine test came back negative. I was given Detrol and Enablex. I hate the side effects from both. But I have noticed when I take a pain pill or benzo my symptoms subside a bit. What is this? Could you still have an infection even if your urine test came back clear? Could this be a stone? IC? Anyone know? My life has been interrupted big time because of this. I'm afraid to go anywhere because of the constant urge to urinate. It's making me very anxious. I have noticed that coffee, citrus stuff seems to make it worse.