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hi supermom and thanks for your reply....

i have had severe pain in pelvic area, with bladder problems, which are being treated with detrol, pain on rt, upper abdominal area, had gallbladdr surgery in 03, painful sex, (had for about 14 yrs), bowel problems, and lower back pain, and all of these are getting worse day by day....nausea, dizziness, loss of appetite, loss of motivation...period!

i have not ever been told i had cancer, in 94 i had a 4 day stay in the hospital with med given IV for my 'cysts' ....and after that i just took meds evrytime they said i had them....

this time is different....i feel pregnant!!!

i will start takin cymbalta this week, with the wellbuturin that i already take and ambien to help me sleep....i suffer from anxiety as well....
i am really not worried over this, yet, i believe that God has a plan for me and if it means facing 'cancer' then HE is gonna get me and my family through this!!!!

God Bless and i will keep you updated....:angel: