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[QUOTE=MMS2;3535446]Hi CapBob:
By any chance can you name this 'wonderful' surgent of yours. I am in your area and a friend of mine is going through the rhythem of things as well. No big deal if you cannot divulge his name.

Dr. Steven Taylor at Pacific Urology. I met another PCA-type via this board and a mutual support group with a virtually identical case. He went to him and was pad free within two weeks or less, so go figure.

I just saw another urologist who specializes in incontinence. While he went through the motions, he couldn't be in a bigger hurry to write me a script for Detrol and move on to the next patient. Other than suggesting Kegels (like pretty much everyone but my surgeon does) he had little to offer other than that I should consider the sling by the one year mark. In all seriousness I think I should see a hypnotist, write myself a post-it note and put it on the bathroom mirror reminding me to put a pad in my underwear and forget about the whole thing.