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I noticed we have a female doctor at our local family practice clinic, so I made an appointment. Last week I had a couple of leaking incidents with no urgency warning. Enough was enough.

No infection. If my hormone levels were off, the bc pills would have alleviated that issue. I already limit my caffeine to one cup of coffee a day... So had an exam and I have mild prolapse -- stage 1 issues. Disappointed, but at least I have answers. So I'm starting on detrol and we're going from there. Here's hoping that'll work...

When I mentioned this to my ob/gyn a couple years ago one would THINK he would've examined me for that. Instead he told me to do kegels and limit caffeine. Sigh...
Did you have a big baby? Maybe the bladder has dropped a little. I assume they checked you for that. I guess by ultrasound. I never actually leaked but many times came extremely close. Actually did happen once or twice but at home and no one knew. My bladder is where it should be. Maybe someday they will figure it all out. My son was 10 1/2 pounds and layed right on my bladder. Still my bladder is where it should be.

I use to drink alot of diet soda. I stopped drinking it in 2002 after Gastric Bypass Surgery. For a long time my bladder was much better. I always thought the NutraSweet must have caused the bladder to be over active.

I took Detrol, Ditropan XL, Amitriptalyine (sp?). The Amitrip. is an anti depressant that is used at night to stretch the bladder to hold more so you are not up all night. It worked. I'm on Vesicare now. A new bladder med I think. Don't even know if mine is overactive. Seeing a specialist Wed.
DS wasn't a big baby -- 7 1/2 pounds; however, they did end up using vacuum to get him out, which may have caused some damage. A day or so after his birth, I noticed I was having some bladder control isssues, but assumed it was because of the swelling from my espisiotomy. I don't drink soda at all -- lost the taste for it when I had my tonsils removed about 8 years ago. And with coffee -- I have one cup in the morning before work. Don't drink tea.

I figure this is at least a start -- that I'm getting answers. If the detrol doesn't work, then I'll move on, request the name of a urologist. I was mortified when I asked my ob/gyn a couple years ago and he basically told me that it's all part of getting older -- I was 39 at the time.