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Well, I went in FINALLY to see the Neuro yesterday. He seemed concerned about the electrical poke sensations and wanted me in to the next room for an EMG. I got in there and when he discovered I had no insurance, he decided against doing the test. He wrote orders for bloodwork, a spinal MRI and an EMG. Told me to take it to my caseworker and see if they would open a Medicaid case for me. I requested refills of Zanaflex, Lyrica, Detrol LA, Xanax, Lexapro, Baclofen and Tramadol. He only had samples of Tramadol and Lyrica. I got two weeks of Tramadol and a month of Lyrica. He didn't know anything about the Partnership for Prescription assistance, the one Montel is connected with.
When the assistant checked my reflexes in my knees, the one that I have so much pain in, had no reflex. What does that mean?
I talked to him about SSD and he said go ahead and apply. He said with my MS, the pinched nerve in my back and the carpal tunnel in my hand AND my sleep apnea, he feels I shouldn't have a problem being approved...........thoughts on that?
I went home and called my caseworker. I DO have Medicaid, but it's the deductible kind. I have to spend out of pocket, $191 a month and they will open a Medicaid case for THAT MONTH. I get just over $1,200 a month and I get foodstamps, yes, I have a spare 200 laying around.........uh huh.
He said I can come back in and apply for a different Medicaid if I feel I'am "disabled"......so I have that appointment on Monday.
I just curled up in the fetal position and cried my eyes out. How will I ever find it in me to do all this paperwork when my brain is on vacation?