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Hi, I know it is embarrassing, and i've had it happen to me. I never "lost control" so to speak, but i've had the problem you describe. Before surgery, I always felt like I had to use the bathroom and not much would come out. I also had bladder problems happen after surgery, but it happened first during a severe sciatica episode. My sciatica turned out to be from scar tissue and disc issues. I also had a piece of tissue stuck where a spinal nerve comes out of the spine. It was all in the lower lumbar spine. Once I had a nerve block done, all my bladder issues disappeared. I have also noticed during severe sciatic flares, that after a week or so I suddenly also feel like I have to go to the bathroom about every 15 minutes. It got so bad and seemed ridiculous to me..I started writing down the time every time I went. And I was doing this all day and ALL night long. When my gyno saw that had happened to me, she set me up w/ another doc to have bladder testing done. HOwever, at that point, I wasn't actually having the bladder problems. I had all these tests done, they gave me Detrol LA.....but it never happened again until I had bad nerve pain & problems in where seemed to be my very lower spine or sacral areas. So to me, I really think some nerves that go to my bladder get affected somehow during times that I have severe compression. Every time I take either oral steroids, or get an ESI or nerve block, all the symptoms disappear.

So please don't feel TOO bad about it. I know it's embarassing, I never told anyone I know either. I only wrote it on the form at my gyno's office. I didn't tell my surgeon either before I had surgery. He had asked if I ever lost full control, which I didn't, so I never mentioned the other problems. And just to let you know that you are not alone in regards to that problem. I think many of us had some sort of bladder symptoms with spine problems.

Have you ever had any spine injections or other medications for your spine problems? If not, and you do one day, take note if your problem suddenly goes away...you'll know why then.