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Is the following pattern typical of MS?

Year 1999-23 old female found after MRI a 2inch flat lesion inside the spinal cord between the shoulder blades and one 5 mm or slightly bigger lesion in cerebellum region, some dot like lesions as well.

diagnosed relapse remitting ms

feb 2002 after neurological deterioration another mri called with injected dye this time- same image but since then person has continued to deteriorate.


1996-bladder-difficulty emptying bladder by 2001 learn to catheterize/ 4 detrol a day-age 20

1998-dropped left foot-heaviness in thighs- cant walk or stand for great distances.- age 22

1999-mri- diagnosis relapse/remitting ms -age 23
called bc ms neurologists noticed physical deterioration

feb 2002-2nd mri- no change from first mri

september 2002- break ankle bc it is increasingly difficult to walk-

september 2002-september 2008- has been in wheelchair since 2002 since breaking ankle-

-told around 2004 has secondary progressive MS- age 29

2007 hands can be difficult to use after to much physical activity,i.e. propelling etc.

-also hands jittery, shake

Is this the normal pattern of MS?