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I was diagnosed with Nocturia (having to get up and go 3 or more times at night) a year before I even knew I had problems with C5-C6 & C6-C7. I had to keep a diary for two weeks to log frequency, urgency, an leakage. (blech) I had NO idea how many times I actually went during the day until I recorded it in the diary. Now I take Detrol LA. WOW!!! what a difference that made in my life! To actually be able to sleep more than 2 hours without having to get up and go!!

I am having surgery this week on C5-C6 & C6-C7 discectomy with fusion. I don't believe the two are related but would be elated if the surgery would fix the other problem as well. I don't like to take more meds than I need to.
Thanks all,

Yes, I have heard of Detrol and will ask my doc about it. I went to the Web site and printed out the diary. It is pretty embarrassing to have this problem and is especially noticeable at work when I have to walk out of meetings all the time.

I do know that these problems can be related to herniated discs. I've had them before and required surgery and the problems went away. I am just baffled that the docs say its not related now, but I guess I had nerve impingement last time and they don't think I do this time.

Ya know how it is....I think I know my body better than the docs do. If they persist I will insist on another MRI to see whether the disc herniation has worsened. It just sucks for docs to pass you off to another doc because they don't think your problems are in their purvey. I had my pain doc refer me to the spine doc and when the spine doc tried to refer me back to the pain doc I blew a fuse and insisted on being seen immediately.

Maybe I am too impatient but no one wants to be a Betsy Wetsy!

For now, I am treating myself like the piddling dog I used to have. No liquids after 8 o'clock!

Thanks again to everyone

1999 fusion C5-6 & C6-7
2002 herniation of C4-5
I quizzed my surgeon on this subject today. He said NORMALLY the spinal problems cause you NOT to feel you need to go and then you have leakage and accidents because you don't realize that your bladder is full.

DARN! I was so hoping! This I gotta go gotta go gotta go stuff is embarrassing.

But the Detrol really really really made a difference for me. Please discuss this with your doc. If you have a PPO just go to see a Urologist. My primary care physician acts like its "just an inconvenience"! (and you are not crazy.. it IS a problem) But a Urologist has a whole other point of view and understands it is a really physical problem in need of treatment and won't have that cavalier attitude about it. There are even clinical studies going on to verify the use of Detrol LA for use with Nocturia... which is why I finally went for treatment. I mean I knew I had a problem, or suspected I did.. and was too embarrassed to ask the doc.. because I thought he would treat it like he did.. "oh what a inconvenience."
But after he realized I had been to see a Urologist and the Urologist thought it was a problem.. WELL! his attitude changed and he said .."well I can help you with this problem. why do you think you needed to go to the urologist?!" Thank God for PPOs! so you DON'T need referrals.

It is SO wonderful NOT to have to GO, EVERY time I am at the grocery store in the middle of shopping!

I am in sales so I am out and about.. which made it easier for me NOT to notice how often I have to go during the day.. but at night.. whew! every two hours! How can anyone get any quality sleep with that frequency! and my quality of sleep really did improve once on the meds.

Don't put it off you are suffering needlessly. :nono:

I'll be checking in on you after my ACDF surgery this week... I will be looking for a post that you have been seen by someone for this problem... :D