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My son is 7.5 years old and he gets croup a couple of times a year. He also has asthma. He has a long historyof ear infections and respiratory infections, i.e. pneumonia. He did have RSV when he was 8 months old and his first croup was at 5 months. I believe he was going to be asthmatic anyway. He just got out of the hospital today from a really bad episode of croup. I rushed him to emerg. He was so bad he wasn't even coughing, he couldn't even talk. He curled up on the floor because he felt like hewas dying. They gave him dexamethasone orally then an adrenaline mask with prednisone. A little while later another adrenaline mask and so on until about 7 hours later he was kind of doing okay. They kept him overnight, again. He is very tired today and coughing a lot. I am hoping he isn't going to get pneumonia again from this, but he spiked a fever after he returned home. Croup is not contagious in itself. It is your sons reaction to what would be a "normal" respiratory virus to any other child. Another child can get a cold and be find, but with your child it going right to his wind pipe. Same with RSV. People walk around with rsv all the time, but if you are prone to respiratory problems, you may have problems with this virus. You have to be very careful around other children especially during the winter. My son gets it mostly in the winter, but we have also had it in the summer. I don't want to scare you, but they told me he would grow out of it and then today the doctor told me not to expect him to grow out of it any time soon, and to move closer to the hospital. If you need to talk, you can write me at [email][email protected][/email]