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My son will be 8 in July and I am really frustrated about his health. He was a preemie, but does that matter anymore at this age? This is a brief history:

1998 - cried all the time, but not colicky because it was all the time, skin problems, umbilical hernia corrected, acid reflux pretty bad (on meds), blocked tearduct, 2 ear infections

1999 - rsv (hospitalized)
on asthma meds
-croup once
-pink eye
-2 ear infections
-tubes put in

2000 - strep
-croup 2 times
-2 ear infections

2001 - infected glands on face
-hearing impaired
-tubes taken out of ears

2002 - 3 ear infections
- croup 1X -

2003 - Sinusitis (2x)
-Croup 3x (admitted to paeds once)

2004 - croup 5x

2005 - croup 2x
-pneumonia/whooping cough

2006 - croup (admitted to paeds) - 4 adrenaline masks, dexamethasone,prednisone

He has had two episodes of croup where it has been hard to open his airway and every episode except one, I have had to have emerg intervene.

Why does he keep getting it? What can I do?
Boy, do I know what your talking about. My daughter is 9 and has had the same issues. She took an ambulance Christmas morning and again a couple of weeks ago with croup. She had 12.5 cc of dexamethasone in the fridge in case she needs it, but found out that she had a growth spurt and needs 20 cc. Trouble is, I can't fill the prescription and leave it in the fridge for 6 months, because by that time it has expired. Anyway, she does not have asthma, and all of the doctors over the years say she will grow out of it. She spent years on ventalin and the orange puffer (can't remember the name of it). They did not work at all. I know exactly what your going through. I'll bet if you hear him cough or he gets a cold, you panic, knowing whats coming. All the best to you and I hope he grows out of it soon.