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That's pretty funny. I did the same thing. I was taking "Yellow Jackets" They are kinda like Stacker 2 (same company), Xenadrine ect. but a lot stronger in just one pill. When I stopped I was just tired for like 3 days and had a really bad migraine. I dont think you'll have any long term effects just from Ephedrine. Do you drink coffee? That might give you a small spike.

Dexadrine is an amphetamine righ? I used to use ADHD meds like ritalin and dextrostat to make synthetic speedballs.
My mother used somthing called "Preluden" I think it was called back in the day, (I think it's called Prelud2 now) It's a diet pill with pheta in it and she said she was tired for a long time after that. But I got my energy back like with in a few days. Try to taper the pills if you're not abusing them that bad.