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Well I have adult ADHD and it's not a recent news flash, I was never able to get good grades until I began couselling AND medication. Dropped out of college three times! If you have ever been organized in your life enough to pull off good college grades than I would say there is a fair chance it's not ADD. There are many reasons for loss of attenion and mememory. Several of my freinds have behaviors similar to ADD caused by sleep aphnia- then there's the whole hormone thing with pregnancy. You might as well just invest in sticky's and start postin the things you need to remember all over the house now cause that memory and attention spans not comein' anywhere near you for oh say the next 20- 25 years!!! With ADD I never felt sharp, organized, or together- ever ever as young as kindergarten I was out of step from everyone else- my report cards were gradeless until 5th grade with coments like day dreams, falls out of her chair. I felt very much alone from my classmates always. Now that I take Dextrostat its a different story. I am very sharp- I get A's on my college classes and don't loss my purse, my liscense or my keys! Does any of this sound familiar- has your life always been consistently a shambles- if not then it's definitely not ADD. I have another friend who suffered the lost of a spouse and became fuzzy and disoriented for a long time. Fortunately I work with several older people- I am 39 and they assure my memory loss is just normal aging. Good Luck meme