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Thank you so much for sharing, my son is 10 and high functioning autistic- it seems to me that you must be very high functioning your self to write such a beutiful letter- I find that my son is very passionate about things and brilliant too- he has the most wonderful insights about the world, but if I try to write down what he says to show others he threatens to never speak again and becomes extremely angry! Myself I am very sensitive to noises and large crowds of people, it makes my skin crawl, I only like cotton clothes, when I was growing up I had no grades on my report card before 5 grade, just comments daydreams, falls out of her chair... In sixth grade I went from a third grade reading level to a 9th grade reading level in less than 2 months. I remember it seemed to me one day that the lights got brighter all of a sudden and everything seemed more focused. Kind of the way I feel now when I take dextrostat for ADHD. I wasn't diagnoises with ADHD until in my 30's! My son was restrained last year 33 times. Something happens when he has to write or read that he can't explain. His Occupational therapist told the school he can not write his alphabet in sequence at all but he can write each letter individually. When he is presented with school work that he can't do he turns into a Tazmanian Devil character -swirling, spinning , hyper-giggling, hiding under desks, it always leads to restraint. I coach him to tell his teacher he can't do it rather than show her that way but he says firmly that kids arn't allowed to say they can't do it. The teacher says that of coarse he can always ask for help, but you and I know he can't! He is asking for help by spinning and hiding but they don't understand. Any suggestions to help me help him say whats wrong in a way that won't lead to restraint? Have you ever been restrained? Will you write about it here so I can share it with school officials as I try to teach them a better way to help my son? Thank You Mary