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Without my son's restricted diet and Meds it is most likely he would not be able to live at home because the school would not be able to educate him and he would hurt his older sister with high pitch screaches in her ears ( I am told this can cause permanent damage) and toys flying through the air aimed at her just because she's in the line of eye site. I would not get daily hugs, cuddles and I love yous! God forbid the one or two times in the last two years that he had an awesome morning and I forgot the give the am ritilin he was sent home for inappropriate behaviors. He cant even dress himself much less write his first name with out the ritilin! And forget ever being able to ride a bike, go anywhere in public because he would dart and dash and hide. Until he was old enough to begin ritilin I literally feared for his life on a daily basis- our upstairs windows were nailed closed, I have lost him countless times in malls, stores, state parks- he could only wear neon clothes so I could find him easier! He takes rititlin, serzone and risperdal, his nerological wiring is quite off, he is still incontinent at night and frequently in the days, the ritilin helps conect the all the brilliant thoughts in his head - from begining to end and lets him remember and follow through. The serzone helps fill in and bridge the nerological lapses and the risperidal takes the edge of the primal anger response long enough for the ritilin to let his brain make safer verbal choices instead of violent ones. My son is on the high functioning end of the autistic spectrum and we are so lucky that all the meds work so well together. This year at age 11 he learned to read! He went from kindergarten to third grade level in 6 months and is typing at 80% accuracy or higher- there just doesnt seem to be adequate neurological wiring for him to ever write at grade level but I am delighted that he can and does type!! He has also mastered math! Growing from 1st grade to 4th grade level this year and will mainstream his second class ever next year- a science one! Scince begining the diet two years ago his non verbal and verbal IQ's have gone up 10 points and his speech and language - untestable in first grade is now testing at a 13 year old level (when he was 10)- he has also taken buspar for the ocd part of it- which allowed to him to beging using elevators and go on a class trip to Howes Caverns- (the elevator to bottom of Cavern is only way down and he missed out three years in a row before buspar), he was able to beging using bathrooms with the door closed (quite an issue in school), and play outside (he said it was always tooooooo dark, even on the sunniest days)-just last night he took a deep breath and walked into a dark room with the light off to get a clean dry pair of underware (not a high priority item for him I might add- smile)- I didnt even need to verbally prompt him, he just did it!!! Yea! And as I shared, my life was so much less than it could have been with meds. I didnt get diagnosised or begin meds until in my thirties and after dropping out of college three different times in my twenties I am finally taking evening classes and getting straight A's! I even earned my CDA credential which allows me to teach preschool and at a much higher pay scale than an assistant. I know I couldnt do that without dextrostat. I couldn't even return library books or even find my library card before meds or even carry a purse. I lost countless purses and drivers liscenses! I have only lost my liscense once in three years scince begining dextrostat.