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CII just means it CAN be abused, well, highly, :) It doesnt mean you'll be addicted or start smoking it tomorrow. :D Plus it's new!!!, You can feel great and never have any side effects, or.... you can grow another head in 2 years for all we know!! Calm down and just take them as prescribed. If it works it works....

Back in the day, (what really hyped this up) we had our steet dealer junkies and our drug store junkies, The street dealer junkies were slaming heroin and cocaine and the drug store junkies were slamming their own kids Ritalin, Adderall, Dextrostat (amphetamines) with Dilaudid, Talwin, Demerol, Morphine (their own prescribed meds pain meds) I dont know if you remember the diet drug, Preludin? Im not sure about your age, :) Anywho the Ritalin/Talwin speedball was the biggest deal at the time, so they put Naloxone in Talwin, Just Like they put Naloxone in Suboxone. And made all ADHD drugs CII. Just a little history...... :D