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Hello everyone, My doctor prescriped me Dextroamphetimine ER. I was originally trying to get prescriped Dexedrine tablets but my doctor made a mistake on the form so I got Dextroamphetimine ER which does not work very good for me. My question is whats the feedback on Dextrostat. I am strongly considering this medication. Ive been told its a Brand Name drug and not a generic- is that true? Also Ritalin worked somewhat well for me and im wondering does anyone have any info on if Dextrostat works better or last longer? I appreciate any info given to me. Thank you
When I was first diagnosed with ADHD, my doc put me on Ritalin. I hated the way it made me feel, so he prescribed Dextrostat. It's more potent and (for me, anyway) lasted much longer than Ritalin. As for the difference between Dextrostat and the generic, I can't say that I really noticed much of one. They both work equally well. (I take the generic now.)