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I am actually going through this problem right now. I have been on Adderall XR for over a year and a half now. I began at around 20mg or so, increased to 30mg, where I stayed for a few months. I went to my GP to talk about moving up to 40mg. Instead, he said to double up on the 30's to a total of 60mg daily. Well, yes, this definitely helped with the ADD symptoms, but he took away my body being able to slowly adjust to higher strengths. If I had gradually moved up, I might now be where I am right now. I still love the Adderall XR, however, the "light switch" that had been turned on when I first began taking Adderall has apparently been set to dim. LOL. Still working better than non-medicated, but nowhere near the beginning.

I am currently limited with my insurance company, since I now have my college's insurance policy. I have asked the school counselor to try to switch me to another stimulant med to see if it had a better effect. Since I can only go to the school's pharmacy, the only alternative was Dextrostat. The school doc started me on my 60mg about a week and a half ago. I can honestly say that for me at least, this med doesn't help at all.

I feel like I have reached a stand still, because the one drug that worked perfectly for so long, is now maxxed out according to my body ... there are no higher doses of the Adderall XR.

Any suggestions for meds very similar to Adderall XR?