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I am extremely worried about our 13 year old son.
He is bipolar and has ADHD. That is just a small part of it.
I am so worried about him. He is so isolated from everyone else.
He is so shy he won't talk to anyone. He plays on his school football team and is scared to make contact. He is scared to tackle, scared to make contact when they are just going through the drills not even making full contact. He won't look anyone in the face when they are talking to him.
He has boys at school on and off his football team and girls that try to talk and joke around with him and he just hangs his head down and doesn't say anything back, they say hi, he just stares at them.
We have taken him to a child psychiatrist who said it was partly his personality being shy and partly his bipolar, so he put him on Abilify and Dextrostat for his bipolar and ADHD.
He has already lost his starting spot on the football team both offensive and defensive that he was on because he is scared to make contact, scared to talk to his teammates or even the coaches. He won't tell the coaches he needs something or tell them what he wants like they are going to snap at him. His coach got on to him the other day because his pants were too big and he wouldn't go up to the coach and tell him what he needed.
He said to us its not that hes afraid to tackle, he says hes not afraid of being hurt but he doesn't know why. He loves football so much, we were going to take him out of it completely and he begged us not to that he wants to play but I don't know what to do to help him anymore.
He is such a shy, sweet boy but doesn't have many friends because he won't speak and won't go hang around the other boys when they are playing around and joking. He stands off to himself.
I don't know what to do. Is anyone in this situation with their children where they are so passive, shy and withdrawn? Are there any good activities I could get him into to help bring out his self confidence and build on his self esteem? I don't even know if this medicine is working and I should try another psychiatrist. I am so worried about him and it makes me want to cry that no one will ever see what a sweet, hard working, great kid he is and never make any friends because he won't talk and won't open up. He loves football too but he is scared to even go up and touch someone when they are just running the motions not full contact on a play. He is missing out on so much in his life. He wants to go to college and play football but somethings gotta give and change somewhere and I don't want to push him and get him hurt emotionally or make him hate me for pushing.
Any suggestions here are so greatly appreciated.