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[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][SIZE="4"][COLOR="Indigo"]I just happened by thru a search. What you all are saying is wonderful news for me to hear! I have had ME-CFS for 10 years this month, I have been on Provigil, Dextrostat and now Aderol to keep me awake, the Provigil and Dextrostat both gave me drug induced Lichen Planus which is extremely painful. Now I'm on Aderol and yesterday, the first day was awesome, but today I could hardly stay awake and now guess what! My tongue is broken out with LP again!!! Two a day (am and noon)UGH!!!:confused: I could just cry. :confused: Probably will, when the pain gets bad enough and I start sleeping all day and night again.:o Any encouragement, thoughts etc.? Thanks--Bprettyc:( (Terribly sad by the way)[/FONT]