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Hello Kate and All :)
This is the first time I have posted on this particular page, as I'm normally on Spinal Cord Disorders page, have been for the past 2 years or so. But as another woman with extreme pain I just had to add my two cents worth ;

I had 3 Spinal operations within 2 years,due to massive calcification in which the Spinal cord had become wrapped around & embedded :eek: into the calcification , and had to be drilled out ,/ possible permanent paralysis was threatened ; the N/S was really scared but he did it, he told us ,AFTER the 3rd op.... ( July last year )
I was very naive about it all, just trusted him as I could hardly walk(was on crutches and sometimes wheelchair) due to messages to legs not getting down spinal cord to the feet..

to cut it short , I am now in a wheelchair full time , luckily can transfer in and out of W/c to toilet , bed, and into car; self catheterize every day, sex - no internal feeling/ no messages from brain down spine ,let alone tolerate close body contact,- so painful; , nothing any different than what I would've been WITHOUT the op ( except ???) ..leaving me in nerve damage pain, some times worse than others .. a good day is like heaven!!The S/Cord is all black and damaged , seen on MRIs'.. If it heals will take years!

I went to Pain Management Clinic , was told the nerve damage may stay forever and pills forever!!.. and I too have been on such a lot of Pain meds.. Epilim , being used for N/pain, Brufen, Ibuprofen , Diazepam for spasms and pain, Dantrolene , allergic to!. more but can't remember all.

I just had a bad pain flare up 2 days ago.. almost wanted to disappear off the face of the Earth!.. given Vioxx by my GP as she thinks some of my pain is in my stomach from too many Pain Meds !!
So what do we DO????... Duh?!!!

So there it is , very briefly as possible Kate.. sorry to sound negative on here but I just wanted you to know you AREN'T alone out here .. it's so Horrible to continue on with all that pain when no one else understands ,

BUT all of us in the same situation DO UNDRSTAND and we're aLWAYS HERE!! :angel: Just Remember that .. OK?

Love from "One who's been There !!" Belle xxx :wave: