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I had scoliosis surgery about two months ago, and I am still having severe muscle spasms. I have dark circles under my eyes, because they always appear at night, and I am an insomniac in the first place. I have been through three bottles of hydrocodone, and the doctor will not give me anymore, for fear of me getting addicted. I only have a few muscle relaxers (Diazepam) left, and I've tried everything. I've done laps around the house at night, used a massage chair, put heat on it, pressure on it, I even have excersizes from the PT. but the only thing that seems to help is the hydrocodone, and even that doesnt help at times. the muscle spasms are in my lower left back and thigh most of the time, but the pain extends down my calves. when it occurs in the other leg, it is a sharper pain, but easier to get rid of. someone please help me, I need to sleep and have a normal life again.

ps- would also like tips on natural pain relievers that will keep me at least semi pain free throughout the day.