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Hi There BC :wave:

I am a " young" 51 yr old married woman who has had a lot of experience with the Spinal Area similar to yours .

I have been through 3 Thorasic Spine Operations due to hidden Calcification compressing and bulging the Spinal Cord at T8 /T9 areas.

In Feb. 2000 I had no pain in my back at all , just began with numb areas , breast , ribs/back area, legs ,and my walking wasn't very good.

(I had been diagnosed 10 years previously with "possible " Multiple Sclerosis , but after extensive tests , these problems were not MS.)

An MRI Scan showed a large " bulge" squashing my spinal cord , at T8/T9 therefore blocking messages down my spine to my ribs ,waist ,pelvic area, legs , etc.

Eventually , Dec.2000, I was operated on by a very good Neurosurgeon. I wasn't walking too badly afterwards, had to use crutches or my husbands arm at times when out ; don't remember having pain after that op, but a year later my walking deteriorated more again ;

Nov. 2001 I was whisked back into hospital , operated on a 2nd time,; the Surgeon came in later apologising , saying what he'd thought was bone he'd left in there during the 1st operation , but discovered it was actually
" extreme calcification " buried & hidden behind the spinal cord.!!

He'd had to use a high speed drill to remove some of it ,but it was too dangerous to continue due to bloodloss etc.. and said if the op was not sufficient help , he agreed he would have to operate again in a few months time.
He said what had happened to me was VERY RARE, and the Thorasic area is NOT a common area for these problems . ( as you have been told )
I believe the calcification must have just grown over the years; ??

Sure enough, the following July 2002 I was operated on again,-
I couldn't walk hardly at all; I think I was using crutches or w/chair most of the time.

After the op. we had a meeting with the NS, who said how scared he had been , to see the Spinal cord was EMBEDDED inside the calcification and wrapped around & around it.!! :eek:
He said it was like drilling concrete , and wrote me a letter beforehand warning me of the possibility of partial paralysis. I'd had no choice anyway so went ahead .

It has now been almost 2 years since the 3rd op. and it was after that op. I found myself in horrendous pain!.. I was given various painkillers , but nothing seemed to work,or others I was allergic to..

I ended up at A&E one night and had to have Morphine shots , Diazepam and Voltaren, I was in such pain!.. admitted to hospital etc.

Nowadays, I am still in pain but control it as best as I can.. The NS said it is "Neuropathic pain" where the spinal cord had been damaged and bruised after being tangled in the calcification ..
( we saw an MRI scan pic of the black bruised sp.Cord! Wow!!) No wonder he was scared , poor guy!

He gave me Epileptic type medication which blocks pain messages to the brain, I take every night , and also strong p/killers . I hope to eventually not need them one day .

I have been in a wheelchair fulltime now for a year as crutches were becoming exhausting to use fulltime ;
I go outings with my husband , I can do cooking / dishes .& transfer myself , but recently I began thinking I may have been a bit lazy , not trying hard enough , so now I am determined ,and trying really hard to walk again on a frame and get on enjoying life with my husband and Family . ;)

Now BC, I am not wanting to frighten you as this was just MY experience , we all experience different things ,

I just wanted you to know a bit about me , then you can discern if anything I've said may have helped you?? or maybe someone else ?? I'm happy to answer any questions if I can.

I wish sometimes I HADN'T had the op. as I wouldn't have this constant pain,- then again , I would be paralysed now completely without it.. !!!
so what decision is right for you, BC??

I will be thinking of you and hope this may have helped a little ? :)
Take Care
Belle :wave: