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my dr did send me up the hospital before with note saying maybe it was equine thingy , was really numb
felt like it was really deep, but after a few days the numbness subsided enough to open bowels.
third time ive been numb underneath now, wish they
would do something sooner rather than later bit worried incase it becomes a permanant thing.but its not just the numbness that causes problems the pressure that builds up in lower back seems to prevent me going and i feel like straining but more
like i was gonna have a baby not to go to loo.
last time i couldnt go though was because the muscle
spasm in left side of bum was so strong (agony)
im sure it was that,that stopped things moving.ive had diazepam now trying amitriptyline dont seem to be doing much good , fallen in love with my water bottle
that helps abit