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Hi there Husker! :wave:
I am so sorry to see you have been in such bad pain, but now sounds as tho you are improving ? :)

Just wanted to say after my Spinal op when I came home from Rehabilitation to get me walking , 5 days later a massive spasm shot up my leg and all my waist/rib muscles went into 'Rock- Hard-' like Muscles Spasms and stayed like that for 9 days till went to A&E..OOOOOOHHHH!!
They gave me Morphine for the pain which was agony !!.. then Diazepam, which relaxed the rock muscles overnight!.. It was amazing ..

but then I was left with "ripped muscles" for a while which need pain killers until they heal..Still not gone altogether yet , but better ..

It is TERRIBLE PAIN Husker , so don't you feel we are tired of hearing about your pain!!.. :nono: We care about you on here !!..

God, I am always on here with some problem, but if it wasn't for the Friends I have met on here such as Davy D and Oliver and All, I don't know how I would've survived at times ??!! [img]http://www.healthboards.com/ubb/heart.gif[/img]

So good luck with your spasm pain,Husker..
Will keep looking to see how you are doing,OK?
Cheers Belle NZ xxx

A Friend!