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if you men or women are going to the Veterans hospital... ask what the meds that they are giving you are....tell the doctors and pharmicists what meds you have taken, that worked or didn't work, what , if any reactions that you may have had to the meds, tell them your history..don't let the doctors have all of the "control"..because it is YOUR BODY! You have the right to protect it! You have the right to know what is going on...don't assume that they know all of the time ,just what they are doing,,,I have been there, and not all doctors know what they are referring to , or talking about! I am really emphasizing this, because nobody deserves to be "not treated" the right way, or nearly killed..etc, etc...


Imagine being instructed by the VA to take the following meds on a DAILY basis:

Imitrex (as needed)
Fluocinonide cream
Clotrimazole cream

You tell the VA "doc" you really don't want Verapimil because she’s prescribing it for high blood pressure after taking only one reading (the one & only reading where your blood pressure was 140/86 instead of the usual 124/70). You also tell her that 5 years earlier, a private neurologist prescribed Verapimil & it caused an adverse reaction & you wound up in the ER.

You then tell the VA "doc" you're stopping some of your meds because it seems that your skin condition is worsening & you noticed it flared up worse after starting a couple of the meds.

In turn, you discuss with your VA primary care "doc" the above two incidents. He then scolds you and accuses you of not following the directions of any of the clinics you've seen. He then annotates in your VA records that you’re not following instructions, (ALTHOUGH the VA has yet to follow any of the laws that were put forth in the ‘90s regarding Gulf Vet priority treatment and the following of the Comprehensive Protocol). Now you will look like a trouble patient although you've followed the VA's joke of a treatment plan for SEVERAL years on end.

Well, that happened to me recently. I'm so upset by it, that I've cancelled what appointments I had left. Now I can't get anymore of my medicines. (At least the ones that somewhat halped).

So much for the VA Patient’s Bill of Rights.

I guess after 12 years of the VA, they've finally won. They've squeezed me out.

Not quite....