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Thank you Carol, and Thank you Dave, yes there is a lot of information there. Let me ask you a question Dave, with all the pain that you have had over the years and the sleepless nights and the different drugs that have been given to you if...you could have just gone to the pump and got out of the bed or never ended up there in the first place,....would you have skipped all the other treatment and just gone to the pump. See that is what my husband doctor is thinking about. Yes there are stronger drugs that the doctor could give to him...and encrease the dose for several years, and sooner or later it would still come back to the pump. And yes being a recovering addict does play on your mind. I have seen my husband stoved up, in pain, unable to sleep for days because the pain medication that he is taking right now is not enough. Many nights I leave the bed and move to the couch because, even with the soma and diazepam he still jerks around and I end up getting hit, or the spasams sit him up out of the little sleep he seems to get.
I too am a recovering addict and I don't really know what he is going through. but I see the turmoil that he goes through everyday. I think it would sort of be like, if when I had chronic fatigue my doctor would have said "think we will try some (insert name of some drug that would just keep me going right through my fatigue and pain), I would try it and like it. But would the reason i liked it be just because now I can do all the things that I use to do or would I like it just because that was my drug of choice. Speed. As it was I decided that I wasn't going to take any more pain meds for the pain that goes with CF and I wasn't going to die because my organs shut down from all the pain med and anti-depresents that the doctors had me on. So I stopped the drugs and started walking. I had CF for 10 years, my doctor told me that I still have it because my somel kind of test that shows in my blood says I do. And yes I can't do my whole house cleaning in one day or I will get sick the next day or in bed for a couple of days, but I have learned to live with the restrictions that CF put on me. That is partly because I didn't like what the drugs that the doctors put me on did to me. But now something that would have made me feel like I was speeding...that might have played with my mind to the point of losing what sanity I gained from 8 years at the time clean from the speed. I do not believe the drugs I took changed my clean date. I have 17 years off the drugs.
I am not sure that this answers your questions but I hope that maybe it gives you a little insight into what a drug addict goes through when they have to take their drug of choice to live without the pain. My husband could get thoughs drugs but he chooses not too. And yes sometimes I wish that he would. Times when I see the pain. When I see the bones near his temple because of the weigh loss. He can't eat most of the time because of the medications or the pain. It is also hard to swallow.
Because he has not been on the opiates except right after each of the operation, his doctor and the PM doctor feel that he is a good canadate for the pump. He isn't use to taking large amounts of drugs like you had so a smaller dose may do the trick. Also because of his size and the size of the pumps and such we still have much to talk over with the doctors. The doctor that is going to put the pump in is the one that will manage his care. You have given us much to think about. I know that my husband still likes the idea of what this pump could mean to him. We just or rather I just wanted to know what we are in for and what was some of the things that you went through. Doctor's are fine but if they have never had the pump how can they really tell you from the patiences view. See?
My husbands injury restricts everything he does. We plan our day around what he can and can't do. If we have a meeting to go to or a barbaque we have to plan are time according to how he is feeling through out the day. He knows that he could hurt himself to the point of becoming paralized or dead. That is why he sold his horse and sky diving gear.He can't draw any more, and he used t be a beautiful artist, because of the nerve damage done to his arms and hands. Writing hurts and typing is an all day chore for him. (but he still tries.)

What would you do knowing everything that you know now...would you do everything the same or just opt for the pump and skip all the opiates? I look forward to tlakin gwith you more about this, but I best get to bed or I won't get any sleep tonight. Thank you again, Vicki