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hi have had heaps of back probs in the past L/4 L/5 fusion with cage disc replacement 21 mnths ago.
Went to the ER yesturday they couldnt explain what had happened they gave me endone , diazapam and pr indocid this did help slightly with the pain and knocked mr for a six.
I was sent home with instructions to see my dr .
this is what the letter stated:
_ distressed
_Back, bilateral muscle spasm, decreased rom
_ Lower limbs:slr to 10 degrees left, 30 degrees right
_Power2+?5 left hip rotation, otherwise normal throughout
_Reflexes including planters intact
Sacral pin ***** sensation definatly decreased.

Ms Mccartneys pain settled slightly with PR INDOCIDE , DIAZEPAM AND ENDONE.
impression .
Exacerbration chronic pain with objective neurological signs. (does this mean they think its in my head).
He goes on to say that theses signs warrent outpatient imaging in the form of MRI, CT and xrays.
Im not sure what all that means but i am scared that further discs annd so have become damaged.
I have never taken endone or diazepan before so any insight greatly appreciated.
thanks rachel