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Guys and Gals, I am new to this board, but overjoyed to have found it by accident this morning. I am disabled and suffer from severe back problems, that included surgery with fusion, fibroymyalgia, sarcoidosis, heart disease, diabetes, kidney and liver problems, and others. As you might imagine, I take a sack full of meds. My question pertains to switching over from hydrocodone to methadone for pain management. I have a good pain doc who prescribes a long acting hydrocodone (40 mg. every 8 hours) with a 5 mg. dose for breakthru pain. I also take elavil and diazepam to help with pain control. I am scheduled to see the doctor in the next week or so and he is considering rotating me to methadone. I saw that there were some very knowledgable persons on the board talking about methadone in other posts that I thought could possibly answer a few questions: 1) Has anyone made this type of change and was it worth it? 2) Is the methadone just as effective for pain control as the hydro? 3) Does anyone know what the conversion would be or how I could find this out prior to the drs. visit (I am taking 120 mg. of hydrocodone daily now)? 4. What are the negatives, or side effects that I might expect? A few months ago the doctor tried changing me over to fentanyl, but this was a terrible failure and I suffered terribly before I could get in to see him and change the meds. back. This episode caused my wife and four kids much pain having to see me go through this. A recent CT scan showed a mass in my lung, so I know that there is more grief in the future, but I would like to get the current pain under control as the hydrocodone levels I am now on are no longer doing the trick (tolerance has built up over four or five years as they increased the hydro dosage to deal with the pain). Sorry to have been so "long winded". Thanks in advance for any help you can provide. :dizzy: