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Hi Shaky D and All :wave:

welcome to the Board ..

I had 3 Spinal operations in 3 years ,( all in the same place, )

the Thorasic area ,

( approx where a womans bra strap crosses the back , not a normal area usually to have spinal operations )

due to extreme calcification which grew & compressed my spinal cord

( or "squeezed it") at the Thorasic level , (T8- T9)

Thorasic 8 & 9, ..
if you look at a diagram of these spine levels , are connected to nerve pathways which travel to the legs , feet , to the front as well , ribs , midriff , tummy ,etc..

In my case some of my nerves were damaged from the operations and calcification ,

.. the spinal cord itself was found tangled and embedded , wound around the calcification for a long time .. so the intensive ops caused neuropathic pain ,

now controlled by pain meds everyday , but that has become quite manageable.

But I find too , like you , MUSCLE SPASMS are the worst problem ,

in bed especially at night when relaxed , my right - side back muscle beside the spine , below the spinal scar tissue area can suddenly tighten like a rock ,
for no reason at all.. maybe just a way I've turned slightly ?..

muscle spasms shoot straight down the pathway to my calf muscle , which seizes up , goes stiff , and shoots out like a piece of timber,

... I have to grab it quickly with both hands and pull / bend it upwards to ease it off , not easy when half asleep !.. It's awful !! :yawn:

Lately , my Neuro has given up to find meds to suit me , as I'm allergic to so many , when I decided to try an old med I had from long ago ..,


for pain and spasms ..

( You may know it by another med. name)
some people given it for depression , not given to me for this in my case , ) ..

but being told it could be " addictive " , I had chosen not to use it ..

but in desperation for relief with pain and spasms one night ,
I took just one 2 mg pill , and WOW,!!.. .. :eek:

It was amazing the difference it made !..

It relaxed my legs , I slept right through the night without waking up for the first time in 5 months !!
And my body felt fantastic all day !..

I rang and told my GP , and was given permission to continue it ,
He said 1 x 2mg pill was a very minute amount, but not to overdo it.

so NOW , ...

to be able to relax in bed , to SLEEP all through the night with hardly any muscle spasms , ..

I can now have some Quality of Life and enjoy my days , without feeling so tired is AMAZING!!.. :bouncing:

I felt I had to share my experience with you and any others who don't understand how their body can cause these weird - feeling spasm sensations..

Do realise it could maybe go on for some time , who knows , and you deserve some quality of life too ,

My suggestion , ... apart from getting some relaxing medication like I did ,

is to FIND a DIAGRAM of the Spine , the Vertebrae ,

at the Library or a website ??.....

look for the AREA / VERTEBRAE where you had your operation ,

and SEE the pathways of the nerves where your spasms and pain are affecting you ..

Read WHAT can be affected or expected to happen ,

and what drs say , in general terms , how long it can be expected to take to heal .. etc.. of course , everybodys' case is different ..

Write things down too , is a good idea ,...

.. this little bit of knowledge may give you the courage to know what questions to ask your Specialists in future if they are not giving you the complete picture ..

Demand Answers !! Don't be frightened .. You deserve to know !!!

I hope what I have described may be of a little help to you Shaky D ?

Just remember , We are all in the same Boat on here , We CARE !! :)

So have a Terrific Lovely Wonderful Day !!

Lots of Love and Hugs to All :angel: Belle