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:wave: Hi Firefly and all !

Reading this long post has taken me so long , I can't reply and say as much as I'd like to at present , but I need to let you know I am one woman who has had 3 thorasic Spinal operations , .. of the T8 T9 areas ,

they had to be done over 3 years , 2000, 2001 and 2002 !..

The outcome, after initially managing to walk on crutches or a walker due to spinal cord damge from the extreme operations , I am now permanently in a wheelchair , (3yrs ) have had 7 MRIs and 1 CTScan.

I need to add , I was classed as " an exception !! " they all told me ...
regarding what was wrong with my spinal cord was rare ,

it was embedded and wrapped around like a telephone cord , massive concrete -like calcification had been growing for years in the verterbrae , compressing the spinal cord;
affecting my body from undermidriff and all the way down, ..

It had to be drilled out in 3 very dangerous operations , which could have paralysed me if the surgeon had slipped , etc.. it hasn't been fully sucessful ,
but I never blamed him , he only did his best , .. .

. I have some feeling , but my legs won't walk now ,
I can transfer to toilet , bed etc, but live life very happily at most times .

I am on medication for neuropathic pain , due to spinal nerve damage from the ops , which will never go away ,

I'm on Epilim , which is normally used for Epilepsy , but it blocks messages to the brain , and takes away all bad pain of some sorts..

Brufen slow Release also for pain , , and Diazepam for leg spasms also ;

A secondary problem , is Multiple Sclerosis diagnosed 16 yrs ago , but this causes no problems at all to any great extent , ..

I have a long story which if you wish to read it , look up my postings from 2002 , under Quicklinks , (subscribed threads ), as belle0050 ,

and it may help you with Thorasic problems to see what I went through , help I got from Specialists and Neurosurgeon?..

Firefly , I fully understand the frustration and almost desperation you are going through to get answers ,..

my husband and I are still wanting some questions answered
like " where to now ? ". but I am taking control and responsibility for my own health now , more than ever ; demanding answers and help . like never before ! .. :rolleyes:

So , don't give up looking and asking for the very best people to help you !!.. ;)

Good Luck , Firefly and all others reading this !!.. hope to read more on here from you ?.. :angel: Belle