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Hey MH, I was pretty sure that .5 of Klonopin was equal to 5mgs of valium but wanted to be sure and I was able to varrify this. The thing to remeber is that Valium has a much longer half life, up to twice as long as Klonopin so like with any med, starting on the low side is safer and less likely to leave you over medicated and forgetful. It's realy a fairly simple conversion.
Klonopin .5= 5mg of Valium

Diazepam 5mg
Chlordiazepoxide tabs 15mg
Clonazepam 0.5mg
Lorazepam 1mg
Nitrazepam 5mg
Oxazepam 15mg
Temazepam 10mg
Loprazolam 1mg
Lormetazepam 0.5mg - 1.0mg
Zopiclone/Zimovane 3.75mg
Zolpidem/Stilnoct 10mg
Zaleplon/Sonata No information

There is no reaon to have to take Valium more than 3 times a day so doubling the bed time dose may be the best way to get all the effects from Valium your looking for, "sleep, spasm and anxiety.You may loose some of the effect Klonopin has on RLS if that has been a problem but will certainly gain better spasm control.

Unfortunately I have found tolerance to Valium and the effect on spasm can grow rapidly, where tolerance to Klonopin used for anxiety and RLS doesn't develop as rapidly. Klonopin isn't the most efective muscle relaxer as it doesn't actually effect smooth muscle. You can treat spasm with drugs that effect the brain, drugs that effect the muscles or drugs that effect both. Valium effects both where klonopin effects specifc brain function. Even at equal doses the different benzos have some very different characteristics.

The sedative effect of Klonopin is what has an effect on spasms. Even though klonopin is used for RLS, it doesn't work the same way a muscle relaxer works. That's why the don't try flexerill or any of the more common muscle relaxers to treat RLS. If spasm alone was the only symptom, I doubt Klonopin would be a med most docs would consider. However reduction of anxiety and klonopins sedative effects can certainly improve the effectiveness of muscle relaxers and pain meds.
Good luck, Dave