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Hi Porter,
You hang in there! What you're going through right now is so normal! I think the week before my surgery was much harder than the week after. All those doubts and fears come to a head. But you've come this far. You made the decision to go ahead with the surgery for good reasons. Keep those reasons in mind, and keep the big picture, the long term goal in sight.

Many people have complete resolution of their pain, many have some continued pain but at a much lower and manageable level, but it's also true that a few have no real change or have failed fusions, as you're fearing. But the odds really are in your favor, in spite of your history. You can't let yourself get tied up in worrying about the "what if's." You've gotta focus on getting past the surgery and then doing everything within your power to help yourself --- walking, eating right, keeping a positive attitude, resting appropriately, not bending lifting or twisting, etc. The failed fusion thing, that's way down the road, not even close to start thinking about. Chances are you'll never have to think about that at all! Erase the picture of a bad outcome and replace it with pictures of yourself being healthy and strong and doing things you'd like to get back to.

If you're really struggling and are open to taking something for the anxiety right now, talk to your doctor. You wouldn't be the first to be prescribed something to take the edge off and just get you over the hurdle. My husband has a high stress job (which doesn't pay commensorately!) and our doctor gives him Diazepam, which he can take as needed. It doesn't have to stay in his system to work. Some days he takes one, some days he takes two, many days he doesn't take any. It just relaxes him and he gets a better sleep.

We all do understand here on the board. I'm very thankful for the people who helped me through what you're experiencing now. You'll be okay! Take a deep breath. It'll be here before you know it, and then it will be behind you and you'll be just resting and healing. You may have other questions after your surgery, and of course, you know where to come when you do! We'll be here!

Take care, Porter! You're going to be fine!