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About a week ago I woke up in the morning with pain in lower back, both hips and on the inside of my knees. I rang NHS Direct (free telephone health advice in UK) and was told to get some Ibuprofen. This I did, but the pain just got worse by the day. I slept badly, turning over in bed became agonising, so I began taking small doses of codeine/paracetamol. Things just got worse. Getting out of bed became agonising. This was scary, I've never had serious back pain before (google searches seemed to inidate sciatica).

By Friday it was too late to contact my GP and yesterday I was in such pain that I went to the local A & E to see a doctor. By this time my whole upper body was in pain too because of the tension I was feeling. I was given some muscle relaxant (diazepam) and some strong codeine/paracetamol. The effect of these was amazing. For the first time in a week I could walk as normal and without pain. After five days of near sleeplessness and constant, nagging pain, I felt I was going to get a much-needed night's sleep. However, I woke after four hours, in pain again. I'm stiff. Getting out of bed was difficult.

I'm scared! The doctor said that these episodes ALWAYS go over. I have some numbness on the front of my thighs. There's some nerve trapped soemwhere. An X-ray showed apparently normal spinal deteroration for my age (I'm 58). I'm not instrinctively trustful of doctors. I can see from reading your postings that many of you have really suffered. Now I know what bad back pain is (I was shuffling like a 90-year old) I'm scared that things might get worse for me. I'm going to see my GP urgently today. This is my first serious encounter with back pain.

Any advice out there?


This aws becoming scary