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Hello everyone

I've just joined and have been a long sufferer with chronic back pain.

I've had two nasty operations on my spine in the mid Nineties, four weeks in a rehab back unit which made me a lot worse than before I attended it.

I take Tylex, Diazepam often together, plus Morphine MST 30 & 10 mg so I can up the dose if needed, ie 40-50mg if needed, plus 10mg Morphine Sulphate quick acting tablets, I've started taking 800MG Ibuprofen three times a day as it acts as a non steroid anti inflammatory as well as a pain killer.

My lower disk L1S2 prolapsed back in 1992, my spine is in bad shape as well as having arthrits of the spine.

My last MRI was back in 2005 when again after telling my family over and over was proven no more can be done.

Let me also mention I suffer from very bad anxiety and depression, which I take amatripline 50mg each night for and also as a muscle relaxant.

In 2005 I had a serious relapse which has left me in an even worse situation, and three weeks ago I had a mini relapse which has taken a little more of my mobility away from me.

Last year I visited (under protest) as I knew it would be a waste of time another pain clinic, only for the doctor to announce after 2 minutes of being there she knew more about my pain then I and would help the best she could.

In a nutshell she gave me Gabapentaine - spelling wrong I know, but after seeing whet the side affects are I panicked as I've only just got ontop of my anxiety issues slightly and the side affects of this medicine seems to increase these which frankly i cant face going through again.

They wanted to put me on 1800MG a day seven days a week which terrified me greatly, and all they can offer me other than that is long term everyday medicine which I don't want to take.

Im in my late Thirties and have a lot of years to live hopefully, and I'm worried about the long term effects of these medicines and what may be found in the future that there more bad for you then good, which happens all the time.

My partner with all her love has written to my GP, local MP, and the pain clinic saying this cant continue, and I haven't no life as I am right now, my TENs units help greatly with my pain by the tape and the 9V batteries cost a fortune and I can't even get these on repeat prescription, yet the pain clinics endorse them as a first line defence against pain control, but there just to costly to use all the time, and this is why she's written to my MP saying it isn't fair I cant get these on prescription, and yet I have to pay of them as well as I'm clearly in for this for the rest of my life and it isn't right!

I'm at my wits end, I don't want to go through all those pointless tests again, I'm worse now then ever and the sitting and travelling will cripple me something rotten, all I want it medicine that can help me cope with the pain when I need it, not taken everyday for the rest of my life if I want to or not.

Sorry to ramble but I'm really so pissed off right now, I speak to other people in the same boat as I and they all say the same Pain Clinics are a waste of time, but still I have to go through with them if only to satisfy my family that more can be done when I know there isn't, I've done to much reading to know what's out there, and the specilist I saw back in 2005 said they know no more now than they did back in the 1997.

What can I do I feel totally helpless, in a way I've accepted things are as they are but my partner cant and she said she'll fight till the end of the Earth until something is found that'll help me, I'd do the same if it was her, but everytime i go to these hospitals all that ever happens is I end up worse or there form of pain management frightens me not to take them.

I feel there's no answer to my problem, does anyone here feel the same, please don't say I'm the only one as I feel so alone in this situation right now.