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Hi there,

I slipped a disc about 2 months ago and have had some physiotherapy in the meantime. This did seem to be working initially and slowly my condition has improved - I can walk around and bend down and even manage the hoovering. However apart from 1 week about a fortnight ago I have suffered from a constant ache in my lower back, generally all round the site of the slipped disc.

I think it was a slipped disc as that is what both the doctor and physio said it was. As I had 1 whole week pain free the physio has let me go and the exercises I did last time have little effect. I couldn't take the painkillers or diazepam due to severe diahhorea (every day for 4 weeks - currently being tested for food allergies to see if I could be allergic to the fillers in tablets).

I am losing weight and and exhausted from the constant backache also I have a 7 year old who is getting very grumpy as we have been unable to do anything in his summer holidays because I am too tired, sore, grumpy etc.

Does anyone have any idea how long a slipped disc takes to heal and whether I should still have pain? Thanks for taking the time to real this long message.