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I'm new here,just found the site after surfing the entire universe so please forgive me for not delving into archives etc....I'm surfed out.

I"ll give some background to my situation and any and all advice is appriciated.I'm a cement finisher by trade so that will tell you my daily abuses,lol.

My dilemma started on/around 7/13,a friday.I was doing a routine task and decided to take a shortcut and not set up scaffolding for a very small area in a stairwell to repair a 1 by 2 foot area.No heavy lifting was involved here,i just reached as far as the good lord would let me,on my tippy toes,slightly leaning to the left and i felt an extremely sharp pain in my lower back.It made me stop and drop to my knee's.I took a breather,stretched and finished the day w/out incident.

The following day(sat)i could not get up out bed,I'd start to and get stuck halfway up and felt that pain I felt friday when it happened(only worse),worse part,I could not sit back down without biting the bullet.After awhile i figured out how to be able to get up and stand,alot of legs and arms.
The pain was unlike any ache i ever had,it was like some took a knife and jabbed my spine but this encompessed the whole tailbone.All surrounding muscles ached and I had alot of pulling in the groin.

I had pulled muscles in lower back b4 and decided I just over did it and went about my weekend agenda(i'm painting the exterior of my house).It hurt and my wife wanted me to go to Er but I said no.I treated it like as if I went to the gym and over did it(who hasn't had those ache b4?)I did take it ez though.

By monday I was a lil stiff but able to work.I informed my boss that something occurred but was able to work,without incident.I'm 40y/o and he had my apprentice do the heavy stuff.

Anyway...3 weeks go by and I'm feeling totally fine,like nothing ever happened.On a saturday,I had to rebuild my daughters front brakes.Went to auto store,came home and proceeded to get started.Finished the job in few hrs and felt fine.Come sunday morning....I was screwed,it was like the very first sat when it happened,only felt worse.I could not do anything.Come monday,no better...i couldnt stand straight,couldnt walk,cough,sneeze,or sit straight.

I went into work on tuesday(8-21) and talked to my boss hoping he would understand and give me a day or 2 off and he would have none of it,and sent me to clinic.Talked to Dr. and he checked reflexes on knees,and said no work til follow up...2 days.Diagnosis( L/S strain r/o early CTS).On (8-23)went to follow up ,no improvement,took me 30mins to walk 3 blocks and my mid section was weak,felt like i was gonna collapse.no work til follow up again,diagnosis-(Lumbosacral strain)

Went to next follow up(8-27) with really no improvement and he wants an MRI
and next follow up is 9/5...diagnosis( r/o interspinious ligament tear).The only thing he ever did was test reflexes the first 2 visits and the 3rd nothing.I was prescribed Norco's for pain the first time but they made sick and my skin crawl(itch like u rolled in fiberglass).I told him about it the on the second visit and he gave me Diazepam 5mg(valium).They do do nothing but make me agitated and irritable...my wife was gonna kick my butt,lol...The third visit he prescribed flexeril...i didnt even waste my money or time.

Sorry this is so long,I hope u didnt have to drink too much coffee to read all this,lol.

My concern is that I finally got a call today to schedule an MRI for 9/4 and my back seems to be feeling better...only when i first wake up.By the end of the day im sore and limp and cant stand straight and have some pulling in my butt.I'm not working but do take dogs out ,walk a little.I've never been one to sit still long so i mosey around doing lil stuff.I did ask doc last time for some safe stretching exercises and do some of em but im limited,mostly out of fear i will make it severe again.

Has anyone had this b4 and maybe give me a heads up b4 9/4 appt?I also kinda have this wierd suspicion that they waited too long to find whats really wrong or will it not matter,will the MRI pick up all abnormalties?This is work related hence my concern.Will I go back to work and 2wks later have the same thing and them deny any responsability.

I appriciate ur time and again,sry so long ,
GM all,

Well,I just want an update some.I'm gettn ready(nervs) about tomorrows MRI.I am feeling better.Although I going bonkers not being able to do anything.Honstly.....I did do something yesterday,nothing heavy.I cut some of the grass:o .I hate sittn still and my grass is getting too long and my daughters (3- ages 8,13 16)wont.My wife is trying to help,she's on the scaffold painting the house for me.I didn't think walking behind the mower could hurt.I have an acre and I wont get on the rider(too rough).I started out fine but as I got to getting 1/3 done i feel the pull in the lower back,to behind my leg.I get some stabbing pains in the lower back region and some into the groin area.On a scale of 1-10,10 being terrible i'd say thier about 7.

Nothing debilitating but enough to make my body wince.I stopped at 1/3 of the yrd because i got weak and was gettin slower and slower and noticed I was not really lifting my legs.And my ,(this my seem weird),my mid section felt unstable.Like sloppy.I dont know if that makes sense?

If there was something seriously wrong w/me would I have been able to do that?Am I getting a false sense of security?I have 2 border collies:angel: and they walked right with me almost the whole time looking at me wanting to play.I love those dogs and can't wait to get back to playing with em,esp. so they leave the cats alone:)

I ended up eating dinner,showered and took 2 diazepams and went to bed.I woke up fine this am(as has been the case) but since sitting here for 2 coffee's worth,my backs tightened up some and i'm pulling in the left buttocks(lol,everytime I say that I think of Forest Gump:D ).and a lil cramping in left leg

My wife said I was stupid and stubborn and kept reminding me I have a high pain thresh hold and I aint gonna help if there is something wrong.