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I have never been shorted pain pills in over 20 plus years by any pharmacy from Percocets, Oxycontin 80's to Mscontin and morphine IR. I learned years ago to hide my pills, not tell people I took pills, and; it is best to get a safe. The real trick is to keep thieves and anyone who has ever abused pills out of your house.

Yes, I had pills stolen in late 1999 to 2000 when I moved my lawn on a riding mower. My fiance and her 15 year old son moved into this homy. My fiance, now my wife, came home early. The 15 year old had 10 mg diazepam all over the floor plus he was high as a georgia pine.

The daughter is a known thief and drug abuser and dealer. I do not allow either in this house. My wife hates drugs, so; no problems anymore. I have never bought a pill on the street. I doubt a Lortab could touch a pain level of 10. A pain level of 10 is having two bullet holes through you with severe muscle, nerve, and other damage. A 9 pain level to me might be awaking after a radical lamenectomy with pedicle rods, plates and screws just inserted. Any 10 pain level would cause shock, in my experience. I have gone into shock from bullet wounds and femoral artery damage. An 8 is real pain. Please tell your MD's how you base pain. If not they may think you are exaggerating or understating.