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Dear lynjack,

Valium (diazepam) is a truly complicated medication! It would be very helpful to know exactly why you use this medication. Did your Pain Management physician Rx Valium to you in order to specifically assist you with your pain relief? If so, what type of pain does this medicine help relieve?

I ask because people use this med for different reasons. Please tell us (me!) exactly why you utilize Valium (diazepam). I used to work in a large Psychiatric practice (where I performed a great deal of the medical transcription [more than I care to remember]), and one of the Psychiatrists was additionally Board Certified in Neurology and Anesthesiology!! So, this doctor helped a few Pain Management patients, along with his main Psychiatric patients. (I am not crossing the patient-confidentiality line here!) It sort of seems like this particular thread was tailor-made for me, doesn't it? However, I'm sure many other members of the Pain Management Community can easily offer you an intelligent answer.

It doesn't take much for our “family” here to see that I'm strange--please...no unnecessary comments from the gang, OK? Oh, heck...I'll probably get ‘em anyway! That's why we retain such a good relationship, I'm sure!!

Seriously, though, let me know how and why this was prescribed. Thank you!

Take care,
Jon (Conductor)
I take diazepam PRN for muscle spasms in my back. It was one of the first meds for this purpose, and works great. The other benzos don't work as well for this purpose but have other benefits, such as long acting, etc. I know of others who need a benzo to deal with stress/anxiety and they are not given diazepam (valium) but rather ativan or some other. Your body tends to quickly require higher doses of diazepam to provide the same level of relief if taken regularly. I only take it occasionally and it seems to work for me. Sorry, no experience with klonopin.

If you are taking diazepam on a daily basis, you may want to be careful about jumping off .... consider tapering. Have you doc tell you how to make the changeover.

I am unsure about the "half life" issue regarding diazepam, but I do know that it is a short acting med., according to my docs, compared to some of the other benzos.

Take care,