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Hi all

I have had a real bad week with my back giving me loads of jip.
It keeps going into spasm an i carnt move because its so painful.
Usually i get some relief but its been constant.

I am already on 8 Co-codamol,1200mg Gabapentin,4 Diazepam a day, 1 Amitripyline an 20mls of oral Morphine which has done nothing for my level of pain.
I carnt seem to do the most simplest of things that i could do before.

I remember going to see my consultant and asking him what i could take for the pain and he said 'nothing would help' an i am beginning to believe him.

All these meds make me tired but i need something to help when i'm awake.
Going for Epidurals on Saturday but the surgeon says it may help with buttock an leg pain but no necessarily with the back pain.

I am beginning to wonder if having the 3 level fusion is going to be better than trying to live with the pain!!!!!!

Thanks for letting me get it out of my system.
Its only people who are also in severe pain that can understand what i am going through.:)