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I had a stress echo cardiogram last week which showed that my heart was fine thus not responsible for my problem. The doctor suggested that perhaps my problem was "bruxism" which is caused by the jaw clinching together too often which may have tightened the associated facial muscles.

So, my GP prescribed me diazepam which I've been taking for almost a week (she said that if it doesn't clear up my symptoms after a week that it wouldn't work) and aside from making me go to sleep quickly at night it hasn't cleared my symptoms whereby the left side of my head and forehead is constantly tight which affects my concentration and perception (to an extent).

So, in October (jeeze, the public health system is terrible...) I have an appointment to see a specialist urologist who will assess how and when my left testicle (which withdrew into my abdomen when I was about 13 or 14) will be surgically removed. A reason I mention this is because the lower left side of my back always feels like theres a source of 'tightness' which I feel affects the left side of my back and subsequently could possibly be what is responsible for the constant tightness along the left side of my head and forehead.

So, how likely is it that my left acquired undescended testicle has been pressing on the surrounding body tissue/muscle in the lower left side of my body which has been responsible for the symptoms I've had for the last 6+ years?

I honestly cannot think of any other explanation as I've tried everything else (ie: physio, chiro, mri, neurologist, muscle relaxants, eye specialists, ear specialists, nose specialists, back ct scans, neck X-Rays and hayfever medication) and it couldn't just be a coincidence that I constantly have the tightness originating in the lower left side of my back, have had constant tightness along the left side of my head/forehead for over 6 years years and since about 1999 or 2000 my left testicle has been rigidly stuck in the left side of my abdomen.

I never wanted to connected these issues before (both because I thought it was unlikely and embarressing) but could I be on the right track here?

Thanks again.