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I have had severe shoulder blade and neck pain for about 6 months now. I had surgery two months ago (spinal fusion) but I am realizing that the surgery did not make all of the pain go away. I guess I would say it;s better than before the surgery, but I am struggling with how I am going to deal with this pain on a long term basis. I am young (33) and not ready for a long-term health problem. I started taking Lyrica a few weeks ago, and that seems to have helped somewhat, but I am opn the starter dose, so I am going to ask my doc next week to up my dose. He has also given me vicodin, but I REALLY try to avoid taking it, but do if I am in a pain crisis. I had a very close friend become addicted to opiates, and I don't want to go that route. I am also taking some muscle relaxers (Soma) but am trying to cut down on those, too. At my last dr. apt, I was a wreck, so my doc also gave me diazepam.

At what point should I ask for a referral to a pain management specialist? My surgeon is nice, but he never asks me what level my pain is at, and doesn't explore with me what the pain is doing to my life. My doc believes my pain is from muscle spasms, but I KNOW that is not the cause. I have had all the massage and muscle work done and taken tons of muscle relaxers and it doesn't touch the pain. It's more of a sharp, radiating pain.

I'm really feeling like I need some advise from other chronic pain sufferers. Can anyone offer me words of support or advice? I would appreciate whatever you can offer....