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Sorry to hear your hubby is in so much pain.

I would advise getting specialist help before he does any exercises because actually trying to swim and even floating on my back doubled me up in pain.

An as for test results a person can be in mega pain even if nothing shows up.
An it is so much harder to treat the problem when the cause carnt be found.

As for sleeping i had to sleep in a recliner chair for 9 months because i couldnt lie in bed.
Even now i carnt sit on my left buttock for long or lie on my left side or back.
This is after 3 years of chronic pain and now i have been told there is nothing else they can do for me except a 3 level fusion or live with the pain!

When i have a really bad time i take 2 Diazepam and go to sleep and usually wake feeling abit better.

I really hope he can find a solution soon and i hope he is grateful for having someone like you who cares enough to seek some help for him.

Good luck