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I am currently taking generic Soma (carisoprodol) for muscle spasms after my surgery. I am returning to work on Friday, and I usually have to take at least one of these during the day, sometimes two. The problem is, the Soma really makes me "dopey" even after using it for a couple months. I don't want to get this side effect while I am at work. I really need to be pretty sharp while at work. Has anyone used any other muscle relaxants that have helped without the dopey feeling? I have tried Flexeril and it doesn't work for me. My insurance won't approve Skelexin (sp?). My doctor has given me diazepam in the past, but I'm not sure if he will give me a new script. Ironically, I don't get the dopey feeling from the diazepam, so even though that is more controlled than the Soma , I think it would be better for me than the Soma. Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks...
I have tried skelaxin in the past, although it did not work for me it did not make me tired. I took small doses of diazepam to that worked at times but I know alot of doctors don't like to keep you on it. Good luck, muscle spasms can be so darn painful. Sammy
It is a prescription drug, but there are websites where you can just fill out a questionnaire and they will sell it to you. I think they have some doctor that consults with them and he/she technically 'prescribes' it, so it's totally legal. I came across it because I was looking for Retin A just for cosmetic skin care purposes and I noticed that Soma was on the list for drugs that they sell. I was very surprised to see that. They had all of the muscle relaxers on the list, except diazepam. Kind of scary, actually. I am going to stick with the Soma and just try to split the pill so I can take a smaller dose at work.