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My husband tried several antidepressants a few years back, but he really was a different man on them, not in a good way. He and I both agreed that they made him very irritable and moody. I urged him to stay on them and give them a chance. After about 6 weeks, he asked me, "so how do you think I'm doing? Better?" I told him I thought he was doing way better, and then he grinned and said he had stopped taking the meds weeks before! He was one of those who truly did worse on the meds. Now he just uses diazepam when he's having a hard time so he can at least get a good sleep, which helps.

I'm sure for your husband, being declared disabled and losing his job was a huge thing. Men generally find much of their identity in their work. To have that ripped away from him must have been devastating. So he's not only disabled now, but also depressed, hurt, angry, embarrassed, and probably a few other things as well. You're doing what you can, being with him, trying to encourage him, letting him know that you love him... I hope he'll reach a point of wanting help so he can take advantage of what he CAN do and both of you can have as normal a life as possible within his limitations. Hang in there, Greeneyes. Time is a great healer. There's hope that he'll come around as time goes on. Don't give up. Keep loving him as you are!

Take care of YOURSELF, too,
Emily :wave: